About Us

Executive Team

Sagar Hawaldar is the CEO of Baines Richards Ventures.  Sagar worked with the founding teams at Internet giants Yahoo!, Alibaba early years of his career & was later associated in senior roles with Times Group Network's $2.5 billion media equity arm in India & with Airtricity - Ireland's largest wind energy company - which was acquired by Scottish & Southern Energy for $1.6 billion. He started off with California based HotVoice as head, International which raised $12 million from SoftBank before being acquired by Call Sciences & also served as CEO of Aspire - India's leading Ivy league cert education company that raised $6 million. 

At Baines Richards Sagar helps businesses increase revenue faster by doubling up as chief sales officer bringing in extensive global CEO network.

Our Approach


We spend considerable time identifying the right businesses to partner with which sometimes takes 6 to 9 months. We work with only those founders who are very agile and are keen to build 22nd century companies. There's no room for slow pace or lackluster performance at Baines Richards. 

Why Us?


There are ventures firms and then there's Baines Richards. Our executives work very closely with portfolio firms to the extent that they open revenue doors and do sales meetings with you. We aren't just passive investors but we are the firms that we associate with.